Planting and Growing The Seed

How the Book  

The Saving Seed

Came to Be

By Ashley Parks, CFP

From as early as I can remember, I’ve had a feeling deep within of the true person that I am at my core. It’s that seed that was planted the day I came into being, the day I was born and began to grow. Over time, experiences and lessons we learn from those experiences shape the person we become. Some of those experiences are positive and have helped us grow. Some are like weeds that seep into our inner being and try to change who we are at the core.

When asked to discuss why and how I wrote the book The Saving Seed: Growing a Financially Healthy Family Tree, I thought “I have to do this, I have something important to share with the world and I have to think bigger than myself. It’s time for me to grow again.” I’ve been advising clients on financial matters for over 13 years and have started to see financial patterns in people.

Financial roots lead people to make financial decisions, to see the world from a formed perspective and to continue those patterns in adulthood. People shared their stories with me. Their experiences affected who they grew up to be and were affecting their financial behaviors. We were uncovering the “why” of their current financial behaviors. It’s as if in an instant people were brought back in time to when they saw the world, including the financial world, the way they did. Change doesn’t occur by mere recognition of ourselves; rather change occurs when we act on what we’ve learned.

In my own spiritual journey, I’ve uncovered that in order to find that core again, we must reclaim our ground. We must pull up our sleeves and dig in the dirt, prune, pull weeds and learn how to nourish ourselves and our surroundings so that we can be healthy. This book helps us to work through our root system to find that healthy seed again. I walk the reader through the process of clearing out our gardens and how to grow healthy seeds for the next generation.

As in life, we don’t reach one level and simply stay there. We either move forward or backward. We grow or we lose part of ourselves. I want to encourage people to be strong and to do what is necessary for true inner growth to occur. In strengthening our core, our root system, we start to see healthy fruits come into our lives. On a daily basis, we must be conscious of the habits needed to maintain that health, whether spiritually, physically, mentally or financially. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could model those behaviors for our children? I wrote The Saving Seed as a tool to help you do just that.