Table of Contents


A Note to the Reader


1.     The Saving Seed

2.    Getting Back to Your Roots

My Roots

What Seeds Were Planted In You?

Digging In The Dirt

Marketing and Values

3.    Planting Pairs

4.    Adding Sunlight

Ashley’s Top 15 Financial Seeds to Plant

5.    Ages and Stages

Teaching Toddlers

Planting Preschoolers

Caring For Our “Other Children”

Seedlings in School

Growing Up

Teaching Teens

6.   Planting Inside The Perimeters

The Importance of Edging

C’est La Vie!

The Coconut Monkey

7.    Saving, Spending and Giving

Planting the Saving Seed

Spending Seeds

Sharing and Caring

Growing Your Seeds

8.    Time to Grow